Chubby For My Cubbies T-Shirt


$25 at

Cubs fever is happening again just as Back To The Future II ordered up!  Support your team in one of these rather inappropriate Chubby For My Cubbies t-shirts!  Email to order.

Light Up Shoes


$650 at Solelites.

These aren’t just any regular light up shoes, these custom made kicks are hand made to order from the designer responsible for the lighting in the TRON movie and for Daft Punk.  With each step you take, these shoes will light up any room and turn heads.

Matching Striped Christmas Pajamas


$20.00 at Etsy.

Need blackmail material for your offspring’s rebellious teenage years? Simply dress your whole family up in these matching striped Christmas pajamas and you’ll have the ultimate weapon in your back pocket should your kids ever try to act too cool in front of their friends.

Floor Cleaning Slippers


$7.58 at Amazon.

Help keep your home tidy in between cleanings by wearing these floor cleaning slippers. The soles of these super comfy slippers are removable for easy clean up and come lined with small thick microfiber fingers that help pick up dust as you walk around.

Animated Ugly Christmas Sweaters


$54.95 – $64.95 at Amazon.

A unique digital sweater that will make you the center of the christmas party, presented by morph costume company digital dudz.  Slide a smartphone into the purpose built sleeve, and watch the animation come to life through the easily downloaded interactive app.

Reindeer Threesome Sweater


$59.99 – $62.99 at Amazon.

This naughty Christmas sweater features a reindeer threesome with Rudolph sandwiched in the middle (note the red nose). This sweater is the pinnacle of our Naughty Christmas Sweater Collection and boldly crosses the line from a tacky Christmas sweater to an inappropriate masterpiece!

Mirrorman Suit


$2,000 at Etsy.

This awesome costume must be a walking reflection.  How on earth does this costume even work or feel?  Regardless, it would be the best costume at the party.

Back Posture Corrector Brace


$24.99 at Amazon.

Available now is the StabilityAce Back Posture Brace to help you stand taller and straighter and make you look better and feel younger.  This easy to use product is made with a “backpack” style construction that gently pulls the shoulders back to align and stabilize and provide postural support.

Ghostbusters Slimer Mask


$28.67 at Amazon.

He slimed me! The best thing about this Slimer Headpiece, is that just like the ghost you’re playing, you’ll still be able to eat as much as you want! Drive a bus, leave a few slime trails, and eat the Ghostbusters food with this funny mask!

Eyelash Jewelry


$7-$60 at Etsy.

Never in my life did I know all the things people could put on their eyelashes.  Check out the eyelash jewelry from rave bling, to dolphins, pandas, feathers, rainbows, lady bugs, etc.

R2-D2 Purse


$185 at Etsy.

This bag is inspired by R2D2 from Star Wars movie. Made of fine quality wool felt and decorated with prints and embroidery, the bag is designed with attention to details. The bag is padded and keeps it’s shape well.

Sound Activated Light Up Hat


$399 at Etsy.

Rock this glowing top hat at a club, bar, party, concert, or rave. It’s the perfect ice breaker for singles. Regardless of where you are you’ll be getting tons of attention. It’s definitely an eye catcher in bars, clubs, concerts, etc.

Lego Brick Purse


$200 at Etsy.

This LEGO brick purse maybe the key ingredient to give a touch of color which may be all your outfit needs to get that youthful appeal.  It will set you apart from the conventional bags with it’s vibrant design composed entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Suit Pajamas


$169.99 at Amazon.

Do you want to be more Awesome? Love Suits, but looking for something a little more comfortable at home? Designed specifically to help you have more fun in life and individually produced by their hand-selected team of tailors.   Legendary Suitjamas are made using only the finest cotton-silk blends available.

Lego Purses


$120-$260 at Etsy.

This is either a murse or a really cool purse for women.  Chances are you’re the only one in the room with this unique lego purse.

Beer Box Cowboy Hats


$24.95-$34.95 at Amazon.

These cowboy style hats are made from real beer boxes and are officially licensed. They are made in the USA and made with quality. Think of how strong those boxes have to be to support the weight of 24-30 beers!

R2-D2 Collector’s Watch


$169.44 at Amazon.

This fantastic Star Wars Analog Mens timepiece watch features a white leather bracelet with a stainless steel case which compliments the multicolour face. The R2D2 Mens Watch also comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty booklet.

LED Sneakers


$108.00 at Amazon.

This is a fantastic new product that nobody ever seen before. It puts LED lights around the upper of fashion sneakers. When the button is switched on, the LED lights are turned on and give colorful bright lights. The color can be changed by the button. Total seven colors are available.

Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag


$3.99 at Amazon.

Give your sneakers and other fabric shoes the benefit of a clean sweep with this all-in-one Washer and Dryer Bag from Household Essentials. Drop the bag in the washer then this bag cleverly attaches to the door of a front-loading dryer, giving your shoes a thorough cleaning while protecting other clothing in your load from dirty treads.

Giant Inflatable Penis Costume


$26.27 at Amazon.

Something tells me that 90% of the time someone buys a Giant Inflatable Penis Costume, it’s to give to someone else. But what’s wrong with wanting to walk around dressed as a 7-foot tall penis yourself? I mean, I act like a dick on occasion, and given that we live in a world of Size matters and Go big or go home, I figure if I’m going to be a dick, may as well be the biggest dick anyone’s ever seen.

Steampunk Frankenstein Costume


$177.33 at Amazon.

The Steampunk Frankenstein costume is one of many of the Nightmare Collection.  If Franky isn’t scary enough for you, maybe you’ll like the jester grim, dragon, alien, werewolf, warrior, or the beast costume.

Caged Animal Gorilla Costume


$158.99 at Amazon.  *Currently on sale for $49.33

The most incredible adult costume you’ve ever seen. This adult costume holds a single person apparently trapped in a bamboo cage and being carried by a full-sized smiling gorilla. Hilarious. This costume will stop traffic. You will be the hit of the party, parade or festival.

LED Suits

LED Suits

$199.99 at Etsy.

LED suits series “Throne Smart” are excellent solution for professional dance companies with the ability to use on any stages. A key feature of these suits is central computer control.  It allows you to synchronize lighting effects and apply them on a musical composition.