Self-Defense Flashlight


$19.98 at Amazon.

Whether you’re camping or hiking, this self-defense flashlight is a must.  Or keep it with your vehicle for the emergency light or to break out of your vehicle if necessary.

Virtual Reality Headset


$99.99 at Amazon.

Mobile virtual reality is finally here. With the Samsung Gear VR, you can play amazing games, watch Hollywood’s best movies in your own private cinema (or even on the moon!), socialize with friends new and old, be at the center of a suspense thriller, and so much more. The Gear VR drops you right into the action-and it’s only from Samsung & Oculus.

Alpha 1s Humanoid Robot


$469 at StackSocial.

The Alpha 1s Humanoid Robot makes your human friends seem lame. Humanoid demonstrates yoga moves, busts out martial arts, plays the top 40 hits, and moves in every which way thanks to his human-like 16 joints. Control Humanoid on your smartphone via Bluetooth and even program him to perform customized actions. You’ll all at once stay entertained and become a mad robot-programming scientist (of sorts).

ZeroEdge Dashcam DVR with Rear Camera


$82.99 at Amazon.

This Dashcam device, is a combination forward facing Dashcam that attaches to your existing rear-view mirror, and a rear camera that installs over your rear license plate. I spent the extra money to get this professionally installed by Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and it was worth it. This gadget makes backing out a breeze, gives me peace of mind by providing a visual record of what happens on the road, and provides a larger field of view from the larger mirror.

Strip Club Cash Canon


$59.00 at Amazon.

Don’t just make it rain at the strip club – make it tropical storm – with this quick dispensing cash cannon! Built for speed and performance, this baby will shoot your entire life savings all over the dance floor in record time as you make the worst decision of your life! YOLO.

Trac-Grabber “Get Unstuck” Traction Tools


$49.99 at Amazon.

The Trac-Grabber is a new revolutionary and inexpensive device which is quickly and easily strapped to the drive wheels of a vehicle which is stuck in the sand, mud, or snow, and enables the vehicle to get unstuck quickly under its own power. With the Trac-Grabbers secured to the wheels, the wheels spin to the point where the Trac-Grabbers engage, lift, grab, and move the vehicle back to stable terrain.

Hydro Jetboard


$2,795 at Jetpacks.

Flood your body with adrenaline as you take to the air on this hydro jetboard. This insanely fun gadget sends you soaring into the air by pumping the water underneath you to thrust you upwards while you’re firmly attached to the foot harnesses.

Spy Video Watch


$44.98 at Amazon.

Enact your wildest espionage fantasies by recording your surroundings using this spy video watch. This James Bond inspired gadget fits discreetly on your wrist and is designed to capture twenty minutes of video or forty minutes of audio.

James Bond Q Boat


$9,887.48 at ClassicCarsForSale.

Live the 007 lifestyle by traveling through the open water in this James Bond Q boat. The boat uses a powerful 350 hp V12 Chevy “jet” engine that pumps water out at high pressure, eliminating the need for propellers.

Dual Jet Bath Spa


$39.99 at Amazon.

Soothe sore muscles and melt away tension with the ultimate home spa experience. The Dual Jet Bath Spa creates and oasis of relaxation right in your bathtub. Create your ultimate relaxing environment with adjustable nozzles and jets. So easy you can use it every day. It fits all standard tubs and easily adjusts to water level. It gives you the amenities of a spa in your very own bathtub.

The Water Jet Pack


$68,500 at Jetlev-Flyer.

The water jet pack is officially the greatest thing ever. For only sixty-eight grand, you can own your very own water thrusting jetpack. It can lift you up to 30 feet high and thrust forward at 30 miles per hour.  Pure awesomeness!

Pocket Radar – Perfect For Baseball & Softball


$199.95 at Amazon.

The Pocket Radar Classic model is a pocket-sized general purpose speed radar gun that can be used for many uses including traffic safety, radio controlled hobbies, motor sports, neighborhood safety, industrial safety, scientific research and much more. You decide what to measure and when, using one of two modes – snapshot or repeating – to accurately monitor the speeds of vehicles, radio controlled planes/cars, runners and any other moving object from 7-375 MPH.

Remote Control Pool Skimmer


$117.36 at Amazon.

Remote controlled leaf and bag skimmer. Your kids will love to clean the pool with Jet Net. This speedy boat tools around your pool and picks up leaves, bugs, seeds and anything else on the surface and captures it in the enclosed net.

Mojio Car Monitoring and Smart Tracking System


$149 and Amazon.

Mojio makes it possible for cars to communicate with drivers and other devices in seamless way so drivers are better informed on or off the road. The 3G+GPS Mojio device plugs into any car’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) port – standard in all cars from 1996 onward – and enables a suite of apps that make your car like your smartphone in order to empower and inform you as a driver.

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun


$84.95 at Amazon.

Knowing how fast a player pitches or runs can instantly influence a coaching decision. Enter the Bushnell Velocity speed gun, which tells you the speed of an object within plus-or-minus 1 mile per hour. The Bushnell Velocity is outfitted with digital signal processing technology, which can measure the speed of a baseball from up to 90 feet, or a moving vehicle from as far as 1,500 feet.

Jet Smart Eyewear for Sports and Fitness


$699 at Amazon.

Jet is a revolutionary smart eyewear designed for sports and high intensity activities. Its rugged engineering, advanced microcomputer and suite of sensors deliver data instantly. Jet’s data is displayed just below your right eye, unobtrusively and without distraction so you can focus on the task at hand.  So what does it do? Text, camera, GPS, heart monitor, fitness tracker.

Hand Exerciser


$30 at Amazon.

Need to develop stronger hands so you can hit bombs in your softball or baseball games?  This hand exerciser will develop bone crushing hand shakes at the very least!

Hairbrush Flask


$31.49 at Amazon.

The Bev-Brush paddle brush flask looks and feels EXACTLY like a real paddle hairbrush. Not only is it a great brush it is a 6 oz. secret flask. You will save more money the first night you use your Bev-Brush than the cost of the flask itself. This is the greatest women’s flask EVER … Just fill it with 6 oz. (185 ml) of booze, put it in your purse, and the night has just begun.

Eyelash Jewelry


$7-$60 at Etsy.

Never in my life did I know all the things people could put on their eyelashes.  Check out the eyelash jewelry from rave bling, to dolphins, pandas, feathers, rainbows, lady bugs, etc.

R2-D2 Purse


$185 at Etsy.

This bag is inspired by R2D2 from Star Wars movie. Made of fine quality wool felt and decorated with prints and embroidery, the bag is designed with attention to details. The bag is padded and keeps it’s shape well.

Sound Activated Light Up Hat


$399 at Etsy.

Rock this glowing top hat at a club, bar, party, concert, or rave. It’s the perfect ice breaker for singles. Regardless of where you are you’ll be getting tons of attention. It’s definitely an eye catcher in bars, clubs, concerts, etc.

Dog Umbrella


$9.37 at Amazon.

Pet Umbrella with Built in Leash – Keep your pet happy and dry in rain, sleet or snow! Now you can protect your pet from the harsh elements with a uniquely designed umbrella especially made for pets.

Delorean Time Machine Clock


$575 at Etsy.

If you’re familiar with the Back To The Future trilogy, you will recognize this as the time circuits display that was in the DeLorean time machine that Doc Brown and Marty McFly famously traveled in.   This desk clock is perfect for any Back To The Future fan.

Foosball Coffee Table


$549 at Amazon.

The Signature Foosball Coffee-Table is suitable for both a game room or living room. The rich solid hardwoods blend into the environment, and the elegant frame is fit for any setting. This is more than just a foosball table, it is an impressive conversation piece and center piece.

Tank Tread ATV

tank-tread-atv-300x250Tank Tread ATV

Make mother nature’s toughest terrain your bitch when riding atop the tank tread ATV. This one of a kind recreational vehicle replaces traditional tires with military grade tank treads that eagerly welcome the muddiest and rockiest terrain you throw its way.

Zero Day Bed


At Fanstudio.

The indoor-outdoor lounger and sleeper subscribes to nature’s tropism phenomenon–the adaptive movements plants make in response to their environmental conditions.  The Zero Day Bed seeks to enhance the human experience of relaxation and peace of mind via subtle movements, adjustable positions, and, well, a tricked out interior. It even looks like a great big chill pill.

ZERO Helicopter


By Behance.

Not sure how safe this is but the ZERO Helicopter looks like something from the Jetson’s or more recently Meet The Robinsons.  Too bad not much detail is given when you design a concept product.

The Gun Metal Boombox Watch



Currently Unavailable at Amazon.

We used to call these “ghetto blaster” watches when I was a kid. Sounds a little racist now. Actually, saying it sounds racist is a little racist, but in and of itself, it isn’t racist. I digress. It’s a watch made to look like an old-fashioned radio.

Sub-Surface Watercraft


$300,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

This is the partially submersible watercraft that provides above- and underwater viewing options, driving right off a trailer and into the water without the need for a crane, tender vessel, or dock. Ideal for exploring underwater environments without the need for a fully submersible craft, this one is composed of a buoyant above-water upper hull and two-person cockpit that provides 180º surface views and an inverted 1 1/2”-thick acrylic hemisphere below that provides two additional passengers underwater views.

Golf Swing Analyzer


$200.83 at Amazon.

Personally, I need every bit of help with my golf swing.  The SwingSmart™ is a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that attaches to your golf club shaft and with the use of a downloadable free App, wirelessly sends swing information to your Smartphone or Tablet. After you hit a ball, the SwingSmart instantly displays swing speed, tempo, face angle, and angle of attack.

Lubricheck Engine Oil Tester & Analyzer


$49.95 at Amazon.

I always thought my car required an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles out of necessity, but according to Lubricheck, this isn’t the case.  This handheld tool designed to intake a few drops of oil from your reservoir and, seconds later, output a general analysis of the the contents’ quality and continued usability.

Spin The Shot Drinking Game


$8.70 at Amazon.

If you enjoyed Spin-the-Bottle, you will probably enjoy this gadget except without the kissing.  Although, I’m sure rule adjustments for this fun party game could be made to accommodate that as well.

Russian Roulette Water Balloon Gun


$26.18 at Amazon.

Since most of us would rather be wet than dead, this water balloon variation on Russian Roulette is likely to generate a bit more participation and enthusiasm as a try-your-luck party game than its bullet-based counterpart.

Smartphone Breathalyzer Keychain


$49.47 at Amazon.

Instantly transform your smartphone into a breathalyzer with the ultra-portable BACtrack Vio. Quickly and easily estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC), track your BAC results over time, and with ZeroLine, estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%.  Perfect for BAC testing on the go, the Vio fits inside a purse or pocket and can be easily used as a keychain.  Be responsible!

Touchscreen Coffee Table


$7,950 at Ideum.

Redefine the way you view home computing with the addition of the touchscreen coffee table to your living room. The first of its kind, this monster sized tablet allows you to simultaneously run Android and Window 8 systems for maximum versatility and utility.

Remote Control Tank


$1,161.67 at Amazon.

Wreak havoc with this 20  remote control tank on the imaginary battlefield. This miniaturized 1/16th scale combat vehicle comes with a specialized gearbox that mimics real tank movements, such as a rotating and elevating gun turret.

Ultraloud Titanium Emergency Whistle


$20.95 at Amazon.

NiteCore NWS10 is the loudest emergency whistle on the market. You can effortlessly produce 120 decibel sound.  You can put on your keychain or hang around the neck. Ideal for boating, scuba diving, hikers and personal safety. Widely used by Security, Military, Police, and crime prevention units.

GoPro Mounted Quadrocopter


$729 at Amazon.

Have fun spying on your best friends and getting some great video shots around the hood with this easy maneuvering with this GoPro mounted quadrocopter.  Have fun flying it by itself or even better with a GoPro to record the action.

Reverse Peephole Viewer


$43.87 at Amazon.

The reverse peephole viewer, used appropriately by law enforcement personnel and inappropriately by 99% of all others who have them.  Definitely should be illegal, but is instead available with free shipping on Amazon.

Euler’s Disk of Infinite Spin and Sound


$24.47 at Amazon.

This is one of the most amazing demonstrations of physics ever. There are no batteries, no magnets, no moving parts of any kind. It’s just the metal disk and the mirrored platform. Give it a spin and it will spin over 2 minutes with a good spin. A hypnotic display of light and sound and gravity is like “What the …..!”

Lighter Watch


$8.60 at Amazon.

This fully functional and flashy timepiece incorporates a useful butane lighter into the watch’s face so you always have a light when you need it.

Portable Tow Truck


$34.50 at Amazon.

Everyone up North needs on of these in their trunks with all the weather we get these days!  Provides emergency traction for your tires when tire chains are not available or cannot be used.

Toroflux Kinetic Flow Toy


$19.95 at Amazon.

Try this mesmerizing, educational kinetic sculpture and interactive “flow toy.” It folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone as it rolls along your arm and can be passed from one arm to another.

Phantom Keystroke Prankster


$29.99 at Amazon.

Attach this evil prank device to your victim’s computer and it makes random mouse movements and types out odd garbage text and phrases.  Switches on side choose between keyboard garbage typing, caps lock-toggle, annoying mouse movements or all three.

Easy Breathe Snorkling Mask


$180-$299 at Amazon.

Have you ever quit snorkeling in a matter of minutes due to the taste of the salt or water coming down your snorkel tube? This may not be a set of gills, but this snorkel mask by Tribord is worth it!

LED Suits

LED Suits

$199.99 at Etsy.

LED suits series “Throne Smart” are excellent solution for professional dance companies with the ability to use on any stages. A key feature of these suits is central computer control.  It allows you to synchronize lighting effects and apply them on a musical composition.