Kylo Ren Fathead


$99.99 at Fathead.

Discover how the supreme quality and resolution of our Star Wars wall decals honor the cinematic quality of the legendary films. Unlike a Star Wars poster, these high impact, finely detailed Fathead Star Wars wall decals come with a low-tac, adhesive backing that makes decorating easy and allows you to remove and reuse them without any harm to your walls.

Mustache Pacifier


$9.34 at Amazon.

The Mustache Pacifier will bring the handlebar mustache back in style! Made from baby-grade silicone and nontoxic plastic, this funny pacifier keeps infants quiet, provides laughter for the lucky parents, and comes with a handy storage shell. Babies will gain an innate appreciation for their facial hair trends. Everyone is happy when the Mustachifier is equipped!

Nano Remote Control Quadrocopter


$29.99 at Amazon.

Don’t let its size fool you, the nano remote control quadrocopter provides big time fun without breaking the bank. LED lights at each end help you identify the front and back while its small size makes the nano quadrocopter ideal for indoor use.

Hog Wild Ball Poppers


$8-17.99 at Amazon.

That sudden burst of air pressure shoots out a soft foam ball up to 20′. The harder you squeeze, the faster and farther the ball launches out. Includes 6 soft foam balls and carry net.

Matching Striped Christmas Pajamas


$20.00 at Etsy.

Need blackmail material for your offspring’s rebellious teenage years? Simply dress your whole family up in these matching striped Christmas pajamas and you’ll have the ultimate weapon in your back pocket should your kids ever try to act too cool in front of their friends.

Unfolding Packpack Electric Skateboard


$999.99 at Movpak.

Make your daily commute more efficient by traveling with the unfolding backpack electric skateboard. Designed to be worn, rolled, and ridden – it transitions between a backpack, skateboard, or carry-on style bag with enough room to carry you and all your gear.

Felt Christmas Tree


$35.00 at Etsy.

Help your little ones partake in decorating the tree without having your expensive ornaments broken by having them decorate this felt Christmas tree instead. This little green tree stands three feet tall and comes with bright colorful ornaments.

Baby Hammock


$129.79 at Amazon.

Teach your tiny human the finer points of relaxation from an early age with this baby hammock. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, this pint-size natural cotton hammock sways gently to lull your baby to sleep while keeping them safe and comfortable.

Kaboost Portable Chair Booster


$39.99 at Amazon.

KABOOST is the portable chair booster that raises the height of a 4-legged chair by simply snapping underneath the chair in seconds. It is engineered to improve chair stability and stays attached when the chair is moved. By raising the height of the chair, little kids can sit like big kids at the table.

Minecraft Wall Graphics


$27.99 at Amazon.

Let’s go to a place where everything is made of blocks, where the only limit is your imagination. Let’s go wherever you want to go. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do. With no rules to follow, this adventure is up to you.

Floating Birthday Candle


$11.04 at Amazon.

How about an easy way to celebrate your friend’s birthday while out having a drink?  This floating birthday candle would go perfectly in his/her drink with a moment of laughter!

Eyelash Jewelry


$7-$60 at Etsy.

Never in my life did I know all the things people could put on their eyelashes.  Check out the eyelash jewelry from rave bling, to dolphins, pandas, feathers, rainbows, lady bugs, etc.

Spaceship Bed


$13,900 at Etsy.

Introducing the Deepspace Defender, the spaceship theme bed that instantly turns your little astronaut’s bedroom into Ground Control for the coolest extraterrestrial adventures on the block.

Soak ‘N’ Wet Dunk Tank


$199.99 at Amazon.

The Soak ‘n’ Wet by KO Water Games is a safe new patented portable backyard water dousing game, great for all ages. Considering that a conventional Dunk Tank may cost up to thousands of dollars to buy, this Soak ‘n’ Wet with shipping sells for under $200! An amazing return on investment if you decide to use toward fundraisers or rentals considering the price!

LED Sneakers


$108.00 at Amazon.

This is a fantastic new product that nobody ever seen before. It puts LED lights around the upper of fashion sneakers. When the button is switched on, the LED lights are turned on and give colorful bright lights. The color can be changed by the button. Total seven colors are available.

Water Hamster Wheel

water-hamster-wheel-13305$399.99 at Amazon.

This World of Watersports Aqua Treadmill gives you a whole new way to move through the water. Made of durable yet soft PVC, it’s easy to use: just climb in the center, walk forward, then push with your hands to move on the water. It’s steerable and has eight convenient drainage ports so you won’t get weighed down by excess water.

The Longboard Stroller


By Longboardstroller.

The Longboard Stroller: the future of kids and mobility. The Longboard Stroller: because every kid deserves to eat pavement at the hands of a parent who didn’t see the raised edge in the sidewalk. The Longboard Stroller: Naw dude, it’s cool if I bone the drop into the quarter pipe–I got a blocker. The Longboard Stroller: how to give your child a thirst for adrenaline and a permanent physical and/or mental handicap.

Kid’s Maybach Ride On Car


$429.99 at Amazon.

Give your offspring a taste of the finer things in life when you place them behind the wheel of the kid’s Maybach ride on car. This pint-sized luxury vehicle comfortably seats one and comes with a 12 volt engine that tops out at an ass clenching 2.5 miles per hour.

Light Up Drumsticks


$34.71 at Amazon.

Overshadow the more talented members of your band with cheap gimmicks by playing with these light up drumsticks. These roadie approved drumsticks light up in a deep blue that creates an incredible visual effect while you play your mediocre heart out.

GoPro Mounted Quadrocopter


$729 at Amazon.

Have fun spying on your best friends and getting some great video shots around the hood with this easy maneuvering with this GoPro mounted quadrocopter.  Have fun flying it by itself or even better with a GoPro to record the action.

NOMIS Kid Piggybacker


$83.95 at Amazon.

The multi-award winning Piggyback Rider engages parents with their children in active transport, year round on every outing (at the ball game, hiking, or just around town) by creating a mutually enjoyable, effortless way to carry toddlers at your back.

Toroflux Kinetic Flow Toy


$19.95 at Amazon.

Try this mesmerizing, educational kinetic sculpture and interactive “flow toy.” It folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone as it rolls along your arm and can be passed from one arm to another.

Pocket Fishing Rod


$9.99 – $13.91 at Amazon.

Put this fishing rod in your pocket or backpack and be ready to fish at the drop of a hat!  This pen-sized rod is made from a sturdy aluminum alloy and includes forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control.

Paintball Airow Gun with Infinite Edge Bow


$479.95 at Amazon.  

No other paintball marker even comes close the the Airow Gun. The Airow Gun is mounted to a Diamond Infinite Edge Bow. This is by far the most unique marker that we have seen. This marker enables you to silently take down the opposing team with extreme accuracy. The Airow Gun is perfect for scenario and woodsball players.

Colored Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades

$14.99 – $39.99 at Amazon.

These Smoke Grenades, with an average of 90 seconds of burn time, are ideal for paintball and airsoft game scenarios where cover is sparse and the opposition may have the upper hand.

Caged Animal Gorilla Costume


$158.99 at Amazon.  *Currently on sale for $49.33

The most incredible adult costume you’ve ever seen. This adult costume holds a single person apparently trapped in a bamboo cage and being carried by a full-sized smiling gorilla. Hilarious. This costume will stop traffic. You will be the hit of the party, parade or festival.