Virtual Reality Headset


$99.99 at Amazon.

Mobile virtual reality is finally here. With the Samsung Gear VR, you can play amazing games, watch Hollywood’s best movies in your own private cinema (or even on the moon!), socialize with friends new and old, be at the center of a suspense thriller, and so much more. The Gear VR drops you right into the action-and it’s only from Samsung & Oculus.

Alpha 1s Humanoid Robot


$469 at StackSocial.

The Alpha 1s Humanoid Robot makes your human friends seem lame. Humanoid demonstrates yoga moves, busts out martial arts, plays the top 40 hits, and moves in every which way thanks to his human-like 16 joints. Control Humanoid on your smartphone via Bluetooth and even program him to perform customized actions. You’ll all at once stay entertained and become a mad robot-programming scientist (of sorts).

Underwater Scooter


$698 at Amazon.

The BladeFish SeaJet underwater scooter 5000 is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. The innovative, compact design of the Blade Fish sea scooter 5000 allows for high power and long run time while only weighing about 10lbs with dimensions of about 15″x15″x6″. But don’t let it’s small size fool you! The BladeFish can get up to 3.75 mph and has a run time up to 2 hours.

Strip Club Cash Canon


$59.00 at Amazon.

Don’t just make it rain at the strip club – make it tropical storm – with this quick dispensing cash cannon! Built for speed and performance, this baby will shoot your entire life savings all over the dance floor in record time as you make the worst decision of your life! YOLO.

Nano Remote Control Quadrocopter


$29.99 at Amazon.

Don’t let its size fool you, the nano remote control quadrocopter provides big time fun without breaking the bank. LED lights at each end help you identify the front and back while its small size makes the nano quadrocopter ideal for indoor use.

Hog Wild Ball Poppers


$8-17.99 at Amazon.

That sudden burst of air pressure shoots out a soft foam ball up to 20′. The harder you squeeze, the faster and farther the ball launches out. Includes 6 soft foam balls and carry net.

Unfolding Packpack Electric Skateboard


$999.99 at Movpak.

Make your daily commute more efficient by traveling with the unfolding backpack electric skateboard. Designed to be worn, rolled, and ridden – it transitions between a backpack, skateboard, or carry-on style bag with enough room to carry you and all your gear.

James Bond Q Boat


$9,887.48 at ClassicCarsForSale.

Live the 007 lifestyle by traveling through the open water in this James Bond Q boat. The boat uses a powerful 350 hp V12 Chevy “jet” engine that pumps water out at high pressure, eliminating the need for propellers.

Felt Christmas Tree


$35.00 at Etsy.

Help your little ones partake in decorating the tree without having your expensive ornaments broken by having them decorate this felt Christmas tree instead. This little green tree stands three feet tall and comes with bright colorful ornaments.

Wind Up Granny Racers


$44.90 at Amazon.

The BLUW Racing Granny + Speeding Grandad is a wacky, silly gag gift for all kinds of parties and celebrations. Includes a wind-up granny with walker and a pull-back granddad in scooter. Who is going to get to the end faster. Fun, wacky party favor and activity.

Smoke Ring Blaster


$25.18 at Amazon.

Blow off some steam, or rather, shoot some smoke rings. The Zero Fog Blaster is a ray gun that shoots smoke rings up to 12 feet. A great toy for the office or home, safe and non-toxic, it comes with a water based fog liquid that you pour into the gun and blast away.

Remote Control Pool Skimmer


$117.36 at Amazon.

Remote controlled leaf and bag skimmer. Your kids will love to clean the pool with Jet Net. This speedy boat tools around your pool and picks up leaves, bugs, seeds and anything else on the surface and captures it in the enclosed net.

Pac-Man Ukulele


$600 at Etsy.

Spice up your show with a Pac-Man Ukulele.  This fully functional ukulele is made out of maple with an ipa fretboard.  Also available in other styles such as Transformers, Cupcake, Steampunk, and Panda style.

8-Person Island Raft


$130-$319 at Amazon.

Why not get this for your partying needs on the lake?  Today I personally saw a group of people swim off their boat, all with a drink in their hand, none with life-jackets on, holding their drink up in the air like the Statue of Liberty.  Every single one of them!  Looked very uncomfortable and ridiculous.  This raft might help fellas!

Bumper Bubble Soccer


$180.00 at Amazon.

Bubble Bumper Balls are awesome whether it’s a birthday party, stag/hen party or just come with your friends and play.  These are serious fun and will have you laughing just watching your friends fall over.

Ghostbusters Slimer Mask


$28.67 at Amazon.

He slimed me! The best thing about this Slimer Headpiece, is that just like the ghost you’re playing, you’ll still be able to eat as much as you want! Drive a bus, leave a few slime trails, and eat the Ghostbusters food with this funny mask!

Six Person Towable Tube


$796.05 at Amazon.

The Rave Sports Waterboggans Inflatable Towable is designed, just like a banana boat, to glide the fastest and delight the crowds.  Seating is up to half a dozen riders from kids to adults.  The Waterboggan Six-Person Sea Sled will keep your family, friends, guests or campers satisfied with a long, stable ride.

Rebel Bass Guitar


$795.17 at Etsy.

As standard, it is a fully working P bass style guitar and is built within a plastic Millennium Falcon body. Don’t let that fool you though, because this guitar produces a wonderful tone and with a half decent amp, you could amaze everyone by conquering all manner of riffs in less than 12 parsecs!

Miniature Pinball Machines


$54 at Etsy.

Give your game room a real arcade feel using these mini replica pinball machines. While these 1/12th scale pinball machines may be too small to actually play, these handmade items come intricately designed with a geeky motif ideal for adding some style to the room.

Soak ‘N’ Wet Dunk Tank


$199.99 at Amazon.

The Soak ‘n’ Wet by KO Water Games is a safe new patented portable backyard water dousing game, great for all ages. Considering that a conventional Dunk Tank may cost up to thousands of dollars to buy, this Soak ‘n’ Wet with shipping sells for under $200! An amazing return on investment if you decide to use toward fundraisers or rentals considering the price!

Ghostbusters Slimer Bank


$20.83 at Amazon.

When dealing with ghosts you don’t normally have to be careful what you feed them, with the obvious exception of Slimer! The stand-out star of the Ghostbusters franchise returns for another hilarious adventure with this Ghostbusters Slimer Bank! Standing over 11 inches tall and sculpted by Rudy Garcia, don’t miss out on this frightful release!

The Gun Metal Boombox Watch



Currently Unavailable at Amazon.

We used to call these “ghetto blaster” watches when I was a kid. Sounds a little racist now. Actually, saying it sounds racist is a little racist, but in and of itself, it isn’t racist. I digress. It’s a watch made to look like an old-fashioned radio.

Sub-Surface Watercraft


$300,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

This is the partially submersible watercraft that provides above- and underwater viewing options, driving right off a trailer and into the water without the need for a crane, tender vessel, or dock. Ideal for exploring underwater environments without the need for a fully submersible craft, this one is composed of a buoyant above-water upper hull and two-person cockpit that provides 180º surface views and an inverted 1 1/2”-thick acrylic hemisphere below that provides two additional passengers underwater views.

Russian Roulette Water Balloon Gun


$26.18 at Amazon.

Since most of us would rather be wet than dead, this water balloon variation on Russian Roulette is likely to generate a bit more participation and enthusiasm as a try-your-luck party game than its bullet-based counterpart.

Tree Cabin Tent


$28,000 at Dom’up.

Become one with nature without having to endure all the hardships that come with it by seeking shelter in the tree cabin tent. The bold suspended design keeps you safe from potential threats while providing a breath-taking 360 degree view of your surroundings.

Water Hamster Wheel

water-hamster-wheel-13305$399.99 at Amazon.

This World of Watersports Aqua Treadmill gives you a whole new way to move through the water. Made of durable yet soft PVC, it’s easy to use: just climb in the center, walk forward, then push with your hands to move on the water. It’s steerable and has eight convenient drainage ports so you won’t get weighed down by excess water.

Conversion DeLorean Time Machine


$39,999 at Ebay.

The past, present, and future are within your reach after modifying your car with the DeLorean time machine conversion service. Both the original plutonium model and newer fusion powered version will be recreated right down to the smallest detail.

Remote Control Tank


$1,161.67 at Amazon.

Wreak havoc with this 20  remote control tank on the imaginary battlefield. This miniaturized 1/16th scale combat vehicle comes with a specialized gearbox that mimics real tank movements, such as a rotating and elevating gun turret.

Hybrid Stand Up/Sit Down Paddleboard


$599.99 at Amazon.

A sit-on-top kayak that lets you stand up and paddle, the Ocean Kayak Nalu hybrid paddle board delivers a different kind of fun on the water. With the Nalu, paddlers can sit in the hybrid molded-in seating area and paddle just like in a traditional sit-on-top kayak. However, they can also use the Nalu like a stand-up canoe, giving them an entirely different perspective.

Kid’s Maybach Ride On Car


$429.99 at Amazon.

Give your offspring a taste of the finer things in life when you place them behind the wheel of the kid’s Maybach ride on car. This pint-sized luxury vehicle comfortably seats one and comes with a 12 volt engine that tops out at an ass clenching 2.5 miles per hour.

Escapade Pedal Boat


$3,150 at Amazon.

The Escapade is a pedal boat unlike any you’ve seen before. The pedal drive system uses propeller propulsion, moving it through the water as a traditional boat motor would. The high windshield allows protection from wind and wave making boating a 3 season sport.

Light Up Drumsticks


$34.71 at Amazon.

Overshadow the more talented members of your band with cheap gimmicks by playing with these light up drumsticks. These roadie approved drumsticks light up in a deep blue that creates an incredible visual effect while you play your mediocre heart out.

GoPro Mounted Quadrocopter


$729 at Amazon.

Have fun spying on your best friends and getting some great video shots around the hood with this easy maneuvering with this GoPro mounted quadrocopter.  Have fun flying it by itself or even better with a GoPro to record the action.

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float


$19.91 at Amazon.

The Ice Cream Pool Float is over 6 feet tall once when inflated. Resembles a realistic ice cream sandwich with a bite taken out of it.  A patch kit is also included for those who take the float’s realistic representation of an ice cream sandwich too literally.

Sky Lanterns


$5.80 at Amazon.

Fill your evening with magic and whimsy as you illuminate the night sky with these fun to use sky lanterns. Perfect for any celebration, these flame retardant and 100% biodegradable lanterns create a beautiful effect as they take to the air.

13x13x13 Rubik’s Cube


$339.99 at Amazon.

Put those neglected brain muscles to the ultimate test when you take on the 13x13x13 Rubik’s Cube. This mammoth sized cube will have you going crazy as you try and match the 6 enormous sides up so that they align perfectly.

Toroflux Kinetic Flow Toy


$19.95 at Amazon.

Try this mesmerizing, educational kinetic sculpture and interactive “flow toy.” It folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone as it rolls along your arm and can be passed from one arm to another.

Pocket Fishing Rod


$9.99 – $13.91 at Amazon.

Put this fishing rod in your pocket or backpack and be ready to fish at the drop of a hat!  This pen-sized rod is made from a sturdy aluminum alloy and includes forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control.

Paintball Airow Gun with Infinite Edge Bow


$479.95 at Amazon.  

No other paintball marker even comes close the the Airow Gun. The Airow Gun is mounted to a Diamond Infinite Edge Bow. This is by far the most unique marker that we have seen. This marker enables you to silently take down the opposing team with extreme accuracy. The Airow Gun is perfect for scenario and woodsball players.

Colored Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades

$14.99 – $39.99 at Amazon.

These Smoke Grenades, with an average of 90 seconds of burn time, are ideal for paintball and airsoft game scenarios where cover is sparse and the opposition may have the upper hand.